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Service ID: 4.G4.1252.001
From: Hornbill Service Management Limited
myservicedesk.comTM is a cloud-based IT Service Management solution. It provides customers with the most commonly adopted ITIL processes set up and ready to use. Solution Highlights: • Pink Verified for 10 ITIL processes • On-Demand Training included free of charge • Access to Customer Portal for SelfService, with unlimited end users • You choose how you use based on your unique business requirements, with three options available: PRO Ideal for service desks that need to get up and running quickly; PRO comes complete with all of the latest best practice processes, and can be configured when you’re ready to take the next maturity step in your ITSM journey. EXPERT With EXPERT customers can tailor the solution to meet changing business needs and customize and configure their instance to match their ITSM processes. DEVELOPER DEVELOPER provides IT groups with the ultimate flexibility by making available the ITSM Application and the development environment thereby enabling service teams to use the power of the platform to fully customise the ITSM application and build any number of business service desks to underpin their organisation’s needs.

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General: Service Deployment Model(s)offered?Public
General: Networks the service is connected to (directly)?Internet
General: API access available?Yes
General: Open Standards supported?Yes
General: Open Source software used?No
Price: Units / Interval?User/Month
Commercial: Aggregated billing options?Yes
Commercial: Minimum Contract period?Other
Commercial: Free option?No
Commercial: Trial Option?Yes
Commercial: Termination costs ?No
Accreditation: Supplier Stated Target Security Impact LevelPGA IL1/2
Accreditation: Supplier Stated Security Impact LevelDepartmental IL1/2
Service Mgmt: On-boarding process e.g. moving on to the service?Yes
Service Mgmt: Off-boarding process e.g. moving off the service?Yes
Service Mgmt: Data processing and storage location(s)IRL, GBR
Service Mgmt: User definable data location option?N/A
Service Mgmt: Data Centre EU Code of Conduct compliant?Yes
Service Mgmt: Data Centre tierTier 3 - Uptime Institute
Service Mgmt: Support boundaries / interfaces documented?Yes
Service Mgmt: Service roadmap provided?Yes
Service Mgmt: Performance Measures documented?Yes
Service Mgmt: Backup & Disaster Recovery Provided?Yes
Service Mgmt: Support Service provided?Yes
Service Mgmt: 'Real time' management information available?Yes
Service Mgmt: Self service provisioning / de-provisioning?No
Service Mgmt: Time to provision / de-provision documented?No
Service Mgmt: Service Desk usable by 3rd party suppliers?Yes
SaaS: Service CategoriesUn-listed
Do you company with the Government Open Standards Principles (see:
SaaS (Generic Clients): Web browser interface?Optional
Supported web browsers? Mac OS/Safari, Windows & Linux/Firefox, Windows & MAC OS/Google Chrome, Windows/IE 6-9
Details of other thin client modes documented?No
Other client software documented?Yes
Smartphone / Tablet Access?Yes
Off-line working & synching?No
Attachment support?Yes
Anti-virus protection?No
SaaS (General Features): International Languages supportedNo
SaaS (General Features): Workflow supported?Yes
SaaS (General Features): Importable taxonomyYes
SaaS (General Features): Folksonomy supportedNo
SaaS (General Features): Taxonomy facilitiesYes
SaaS (General Features): Plug-in / extensions supportedYes
SaaS (General Features): Plug-in / extension marketplace availableNo
SaaS (General Features): Syndication supportedNo
SaaS (General Features): Native Search availableYes
SaaS (General Features): Bulk import / export of data in standard formats?Yes
Link Management?No
Separated environments?No
Caching? Off Site, Local
Integration with Identity Systems?Yes
User profile page?Yes
Comment on item?Yes
Instant Messaging?Yes
Migration Tools Available?Yes
Video Conferencing?No
SaaS (Integrated Communication Tools): Social Networking?Yes
Social Networks?twitter
Contact Management?Yes
To Do Management?Yes
Solution provides Blogging capabilities?No
Solution provides wiki capabilities?No
Solution provides forum capabilities?No
Solution provides content rating capabilities?Yes
Solution provides content recommendation capabilities?No
Solution provides social media sharing e.g. tweet this?Yes
Solution provides automated stop word filtering?No
How would you categorise the service e.g. Social Media etc?myservicedesk.comTM is a cloud-based IT Service Management solution. It provides customers with the most commonly adopted ITIL processes set up and ready to use. You choose how you want to use myservicedesk.comTM based on your requirements.

Supplier information

Hornbill Service Management Limited

Contact Name Gerry Sweeney
Contact Email
Contact Phone 0208 582 8282
Address Odyssey Business Park - Apollo, West End Road
United Kingdom
Duns Number 778556928
Vat Number 991 2688 76

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